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'Oh, it's so comfortable!'
Janis, Sue, John, Rod and many other customers

I like it for curl ups [sit ups] as it supports the neck and helps switch on the ribs.
Steve, Pilates Instructor

My clients can lengthen their necks with the support it gives. People with rounded upper backs find it helps open the chest and shoulders.’
Sarah, Pilates Instructor


In the PILATES studio... Janice uses the bac pillow with her clients:

presenting the bac pillow

I am a fully qualified Pilates practitioner having run my own studio in Castlemain, Victoria, Australia, for 8 years full time. It has not been until last year that I have finally found the solution to the whole Reformer and Trap Table headrest dysfunctional design. The bac pillow is an absolute must. Put those generic headrests down on your reformers and place the bac pillow there instead and your clients will love you!  For neck people it is a relief, contouring the cervical vertebrae. For tight hamstringers it allows them to lie in effortless neutral spine. It does what it says and so much more.

- Janice Burgess, Castlemaine, Australia.

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