Get Results at Home!

By exercising using the bacpillow for 5 to 10 minutes every day you will soon feel your muscles supporting your lower back. As those muscles strengthen you may notice the willingness of your lower abdominals to draw in on demand.


The bacpillow comes with an exercise sheet which introduces you to some basic abdominal exercises that you can do at home. Also, watch this website for regular additions to our exercise tips page.

Brain and Body work together

The key to correct training is concentration. Mentally cue the muscles you want to work rather than let your body decide which muscles to use. This way you can be sure you are targeting the correct muscles.

Be Patient

When beginning, people are often wonder if they are using the correct muscles. Bear in mind, if you haven't consciously called on your lower abdominals to work before, you won't know how it should feel.  Give it time. Forcing a sensation may cause a stronger muscles group to activate and may even block your TA from working. Simply imagine using the muscles in the area described in the exercises and eventually you will get 'feedback' from them.

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