Pilates Studio

The TA Finder’s unique design places the upper body in a well supported position which allows the superficial and sometimes stronger muscles to ‘switch off’. Clients then get better feedback from the deeper muscle groups, specifically the Transverse Abdominis.

The TA Finder has been designed with the Pilates studio in mind. It can be used for floor, reformer and trap. table supine exercises. The distinctive shaping of the pillow means it fits onto most reformers.

It is ideal for beginners...

  • Clarification of engaging the TA
  • Back relaxing exercises such as pelvic tilt/coccyx curl and pelvic press/bridge
  • TA exercises such as single leg stretch, knee floats
  • Scapula stabilization exercises.

Intermediate clients

  • curl-ups
  • oblique abdominal exercises
  • legs at 90/90

Reformer exercises

  • foot series
  • jump board
  • hands in straps
  • legs in straps
  • and so on
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